Make Great Videos With Your Phone

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive when it comes to making videos is what kind of equipment do I use. The reality is in some of my videos I use high-end cameras; I have a nice backdrop great lighting all the bells and whistles. Today I’m filming with my iPhone, and sometimes I phone with my computer it doesn’t take much and if you want to start making videos that look professional for your business or you want to start vlogging, or you just want to look really good in your live stream there were some quick tips to make all of your videos are cross-platform look great and professional.

I’m going to break down those tips today, and we’ll get you started as soon as possible this is rule number one of shooting with your phone always shoot in landscape mode not in portrait mode because these black bars on the side don’t look good it doesn’t look professional. And nobody likes vertical videos so make sure you flip it always to be in landscape mode so you can use both hands that’s the easiest way to do it another quick fix is to use your trusty selfie stick so you can use it to hold the camera steady and film while you’re on-the-go. And of course using a tripod is always very cheaply online, and it’s good to go so that the really easy solution is to make sure that your camera isn’t shaking and you have seen.

When it comes to lighting there’s just one simple rule that you need to follow face the light yes you can go out and get a really nice wedding head and there are some very affordable auctions online. Which I’ll probably do another video on but when you’re starting all you need to know is natural light is your friend to find a light source in your house. And face the lights because when you the light behind you it creates a weird Shadow and you look really dark, and it just doesn’t look like a great quality of a video. So make sure that you’re facing the light, and you’ll have a Natural Glow make sure there’s no music or TV on in the background one because it’s distracting but also because you can run into some copyright issues. And you are looking to invest in a mic I probably will do another video on different types of mics. But for now quick tip I use the road record smart-lab it’s a great quality I think I saw it for about $80 Amazon. Amazon recently so inexpensive, and you control the levels rate through an app on your phone so it easy to use I’ll put a link below so you can find it in purchase it. if you want one simple and just started filming for my apartment and made my life a lot easier if there are some cases where you’re going to want to have a more complex that but for the most part to get videos out there quickly

Just shoot from a place that you can often use that has great lighting and has a very simple backdrop. Because you want people to focus on what you’re saying not what’s going on run around you, so that’s all you need to get started. Yes, you can invest in lighting and audio equipment down the road but if you just want to get started making videos and getting your message out there, and this is all you need to use. And just need to keep it simple and be sure to send me your videos when you start making them I’d love to see them.